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Research Papers

Wndsn conducts ongoing research in various fields related to our instruments, their use, and the human interface.

Whitepaper: Naked-Eye Rangefinding: A Practical Guide

Naked-eye methods are a valuable alternative to electronic solutions for rangefinding and surveying in ad hoc and improvised situations. These methods are simple, low-cost, and independent of electronics, making them adaptable and resilient in a wide range of circumstances. By understanding the limits and capabilities of the naked eye and using techniques such as triangulation and basic geometric principles, it is possible to effectively use these methods to gather and navigate information. The EMP-proof nature and independence from external data sources make naked-eye methods particularly useful in situations where electronics and external data sources may be unavailable or unreliable.

Wndsn Research Dispatch: Research Notes on the Kamal

Tracing the research and the origin of an ancient instrument, including a comparison of various methods to derive knot-spacing, as well as original research on how to increase reach and precision with a limited size instrument. Also computing the optimum size of a Kamal for a given set of altitudes.

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