About Wndsn XPD

Overview, project info, and background.

Wndsn Expedition Team

The project is about exploring the often surprisingly close edges of civilization, with a focus on metrology where sea, air, and land meet. Explore, describe, explain: Discovering, defining, and charting the frontiers that are critical for decision-making in various fields.


Tag your adventure, expedition, or exploration pictures; to share your experiences and display your gear, use the hashtag #WndsnWorld on social media.


Typical operation lifecycle

Since the Age of Discovery, expeditions follow a simple general format.

Wndsn Expedition Team Workflow

  • Op planning
  • Infil / Enter
    • Environmental recon / observation
    • Info collection, object retrieval
  • Exfil / Exit
  • Info processing, management
    • Mapping
  • Info distribution

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