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About Wndsn XPD

Overview, project info, and background.

High Frequency Research Division

A match between the best shield and the best spear. Which will win? --Tadatoshi Fujimaki

Wndsn: High Frequency Research Division Patch

The project

Almost everything that makes our society and economy work is based on a combination of a limited number of fragile technologies. Research has repeatedly shown the crucially weak points of potential failure and catastrophic results when exploited. The project is about researching these and related fields and finding and developing ways to secure and harden systems and assets against exploitation through known, identified as well as obscure security holes and combinations or cascades thereof plus ensuring correct equipment operation (EMC, electromagnetic compatibility) in the presence of EMP and other RF threats. For a worst case scenario, post-exploitation, we are devising ways to regain control using a simplified framework.

Some of the Identified Threats

  • GPS spoofing/jamming
  • Privately deployed mini drones
  • Discreet area and non-nuclear EMPs
  • Power disruption
  • RFID exploitation

The patch

The patch[1] depicts an undisturbed high frequency (HF) sine[2] waveform symbolizing the objective of the research; waves in the radio spectrum. Visualizing the threat to the radio waves that much of our tech (and hence civilization) depends on is a damped sine wave;[3] the result of coupling between an electromagnetic pulse and a target HF wave. The equal number of waves on the left and right represents the notion that every wave can be altered. The central Wndsn logo, in its simplified line shape symbolizes energy flowing, the same energy that is running the waves as well as the objective to be protected, hardened, and tested against. The white brackets represent the shielding element, their open shape communicates that different wavelengths are taken into account and treated differently; allowed through vs. blocked off. Finally, "observe, evaluate, control"[4] -- that is the meta principle of most of our projects, the trifecta of achieving information superiority.


  1. The patch is not for sale, but similar ones are
  2. Sine Wave 
  3. Damped Sine Wave 
  4. Observe - Evaluate - Control 

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