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Wndsn: Forged in the Cold War City of Tradecraft

Wndsn's roots start in Berlin during the Cold War, when the divided city was the "showcase of the free world". We found ourselves the epicentre of a global battle for hearts and minds between the liberal West and the communist East. The confines of the Berlin wall, and the intense influence of the three western allies, fed an unparalleled burst of creativity that earned Berlin the title "outpost of freedom". The moniker "city of tradecraft" is the result of the constant and continuous struggle of every major global covert agency to set and maintain foot in the city. This unique combination of interests and high tension fundamentally influenced the Wndsn project.

Declaration of Freedom

Growing up in Berlin meant listening to the radio every Sunday at noon, where the declaration of freedom was repeated. The statement summarizes what we believe, and what we maintain.

Ich glaube an die Unantastbarkeit und an die Würde jedes einzelnen Menschen. Ich glaube, dass allen Menschen von Gott das gleiche Recht auf Freiheit gegeben wurde. Ich verspreche, jedem Angriff auf die Freiheit und der Tyrannei Widerstand zu leisten, wo auch immer sie auftreten mögen. [1]

Translated from the original pledge for the freedom bell:

I believe in the sacredness and dignity of the individual. I believe that all men derive the right to freedom equally from God. I pledge to resist aggression and tyranny wherever they appear on earth. [2]

Wndsn upholds this.

Outpost of Freedom

Outpost of freedom, challenge coin

From the back cover of the book Special Forces Berlin: Highly classified until only recently, two U.S. Army Special Forces detachments were stationed far behind the Iron Curtain in West Berlin during the Cold War. The units' existence and missions were protected by cover stories, their operations were secret.[3]

Wndsn patch: Outpost of freedom

To commemorate the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, and to honor the roots and the spirit of our foundations at "the outpost of freedom" during the Cold War, we have created a special, limited edition patch, released on the occasion of the Goruck Stealth event in Berlin on November 3 2017.

The patch shows the Wndsn logo on the top-left, overlaying a band of logarithmic scale marks, symbolizing the intelligence motto "observe, evaluate, control". The main area of the patch depicts the boundaries of the divided city of Berlin, with the premier division going from North to South, separating the city with the infamous wall into an Eastern and a Western part, the difference being expressed by the black and white background respectively. The Western part is divided into the French sector making up the North, the British sector covering the middle, and the American sector containing the Southern city districts. Three famous landmarks are shown prominently and in contrasting colors, a further nod to the ambivalence of what only superficially seem to be absolutes; first and centrally the Brandenburg Gate (1793), paying homage to the Prussian heritage, depicted from a view across the wall from the West into the East; second the TV tower (1969) as a symbol of modern times, also an exclusively East-German project; and third the victory column (1873), located in the Western part of the city and acknowledging the influence that war, both hot and cold has played over the centuries.


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