Looking for the Wndsn store? This way, please: Limited editions tools and embroidered morale patches from the Wndsn Expedition Team.

Wndsn Expedition Team


Wndsn stands for adventure, overcoming natural and man-made challenges, self-reliance and mindfulness. We provide that which can't be improvised. Our equipment and concepts are inspired by arcane science and cross-disciplinary exploration in the spirit of the age of discovery. We apply existing empirical knowledge to provide essential tools for contemporary adventurers.


Custom-built navigation instruments, multi-purpose tools, metrology & illumination solutions, expedition mementos, and morale patches.

Pursue, persist, prevail


Finding Polaris


Nomograph in action

How To

Nomograph in action


Wndsn Telemeter

Wndsn Telemeter

Wndsn Hugh Frequency Research

The Legend


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Observe - Evaluate - Control